Outdoor Advertising Terminology

Poster: An outdoor advertising structure that displays a preprinted advertisement. 

Bulletin: Bulletin billboards are usually located in highly visible, heavy traffic areas such as expressways, primary arteries, and major intersections. With extended periods of high visibility, billboard advertisements provide advertisers with significant impact on commuters.

Rotary Bulletin: A standardized 14' x 48' bulletin that is moved to different locations in a market at fixed intervals, usually every 60 or 90 days. A rotary bulletin program can provide balanced reach in a market. 

Showing Size: Total number of panels in a buy.

Daily Effective Circulation (or DEC):  The gross number of people, without regard to duplication, exposed to an out-of-home advertising display in one day.

Eyes of Impressions (EOI):  A potential seeing of an advertising message. EOIs are based only on audiences who actually see your ads.  EOIs are available for all major demographic audience segments including age, gender, race/ethnicity and income.  EOIs are reported as weekly impressions versus DECs which are daily measures.  Unless identified as in-market EYES ON Impressions, EOIs may include impressions delivered to people living outside of the market.