Echo MarketMedia

Listen. Ask. Research. Plan. Buy. Report.

By deploying a proven process, Echo MarketMedia uncovers opportunities and improves ad spending performance.

  1. The first step is listening to your plans, needs and goals.
  2. Then we pepper you with questions using our experience in branding, promotion and placement to get a complete understanding of your business.
  3. Pulling research on ratings, lifestyle factors and rates helps us determine the real value of media inventory.
  4. Matching your business priorities with the opportunities in the market allows your dollars to work as hard as possible. Through quarterly or annual planning you can proactively manage market conditions without having to react to each new station promotion.
  5. Intense, no-nonsense negotiations ensure you get the very best rates and value added.  
  6. Following your buy from placement through posting ensures you get what you paid for and that your inventory was worth the cost.

Using hard data, promotional expertise and savvy negotiating we build and execute media schedules that maximize return on investment and deliver results.