Echo MarketMedia

Media Tools and Resources


  • broadcast buying software system
  • powerful analytics and reporting tool
  • used for planning, estimating, negotiating, schedule construction and buying
  • implements invoice reconciliation
  • generates postbuy evaluation

Nielsen - TV Ratings

  • measure the audience size for a particular program
  • Improves the efficiency of media buying allowing buyers to construct buys, evaluate cost-per-point efficiencies via ratings data, tally gross rating points, and calculate reach and frequency.

Arbitron - Radio Ratings

  • measure the audience size for a particular station
  • ratings data is used in a similar way to Nielsen's TV ratings.

Scarborough - demographic, lifestyle, media habit and retail shopping behavior

  • provides consumer insights leading to intelligent choices and crafted campaigns with the target audience in mind.
  • understanding demographics, product consumption and media habits of your target is a roadmap to selecting the right media vehicles, daypart mix, program selection, etc.

Additional resources